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Product Review: Wean Green Tempered Glass Food Containers

I am excited to share my first official Product Review post!

The format will be the same for each product review I complete, including an overview of the product and its uses, my likes, dislikes, an “I wish that…” and finally, the bottom line and overall rating.

PLEASE NOTE: I have no company sponsorship or financial partnership agreements with Wean Green at the time of this post. Photos are all original, all mine. 📷

Wean Bowls

Pragma Mamma Product Review: Wean Green Tempered Glass Food Containers

👀 Overview:

Wean Green glass food containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. These cute and practical food storage containers are free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates and are available in a range of sizes from 5.4oz/160mL snack size containers to a whopping 28oz/850mL meal storage option. According to the Wean Green website, the scratch-resistant glass featured in their containers is 5 times stronger than regular glass, making them totally kid-proof.

Wean Green

The containers are non-porous and impermeable, meaning no stains or odours stick around. Using glass over plastic helps to eliminate chemicals migrating into your foods, something I was conscious of when choosing baby food storage containers for my daughters. I made the majority of their first foods and wanted a safe and healthy storage option where no chemicals could leach into the food purée. My cousin recommended the Wean Green containers and I have been using them ever since.


Sold in a 4-pack with vibrant coloured lids, the Wean Green storage containers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, are dishwasher safe (huge bonus!) and are perfect for freezing and reheating foods in the microwave (without the lid). The polypropylene watertight lid and airtight integrated silicone seal keep perishables fresh and help to avoid leaking. The four clips that lock the lid onto the containers are very easy to use and hold tight for years (mine still work flawlessly). Apparently these containers are safe enough to store breast milk!

I love the Wean Bowls best because they are small enough to slip into my diaper bag for easy snack storage plus they were the perfect portion size for puréed fruit and vegetables. 🍓🌽

Wean Green

These environmentally friendly containers aren’t just for kids either. I used them to store and transport my lunch while commuting to/from work, making my lunch litter-less! The Wean Cubes are perfect for storing salad dressing, hummus and dips and the Lunch Bowl was my go-to for soup/salad storage.


  • Easy to use, durable and safe
  • Leak and shatter proof
  • A variety of size and shape options to choose from to store an assortment of foods including leftovers, baby food purées, soups and much more
  • Leave no food odours and are stain-resistant
  • From baby to adult – their versatility is amazing!
  • These eco-friendly products come in eco-friendly packaging, from an environmentally conscious company that I feel confident investing in

Wean Green


  • Although the containers stack easily enough, they don’t nest well and the glass is slippery (especially in the freezer), resulting in some sliding/shifting
  • Having said that, they are made of tempered glass, so if they do fall they should not break. Problem-solved 😉
  • The price is high in comparison to other plastic and glass storage alternatives, but Wean Green are well worth the investment considering their versatility, durability and safety. I have been using mine for 4 years with no evidence of chips, stains, etc. They look brand new. Honestly!

🌠I wish that…

  • There were non-skid silicone grippers on the bottom of the glass to prevent slipping and shifting during storage

Wean Green

❗The Bottom Line:

  • You really can’t go wrong with this eco-chic and safe system for food storage. I highly recommend them and they are well worth the initial investment

 📈 Overall rating (highest rating = 5 thumbs up):

  • 4 big 👍 🙂

❔Where can I get it?




Wean Green


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Wean Green Tempered Glass Food Containers

  1. Congrats on your first review it was great. I have recently discarded all plastic containers and switched to glass. I am going to look in to these, thanks for sharing


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