My top 5 reasons for #socialdistancing

A special delivery for some very special people!

Both of my parents are in the higher risk categories:
👉My mom is a breast cancer survivor
👉My dad has had a quadruple heart bypass, has type 2 diabetes, suffers from stenosis and heart failure

My parents have been self quarantined since this all kicked off last weekend. They are doing their part. Are you?
Mom and Dad Special Delivery
My top 5 reasons for #socialdistancing:
For our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, please stay home
For all of the other people, young and old, with underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems, please stay home
For the courageous health care workers going to the front lines to battle this elusive virus on a daily basis and keep us healthy, please stay home
For the countless cashiers, grocery, retail and supply chain staff who are getting food, personal hygiene products and vital medications and prescriptions on the shelves each and every day, please stay home
In order to #flattenthecurve, please stay home

I know for many people, staying home may be impossible, so please limit your trips out of the home to essential and follow the public health guidelines re: washing your hands and monitoring symptoms, self isolation after travel, etc.

Instead of spreading speculation, let’s start to spread information, kindness and hope and protect those who are most vulnerable 👍

Please, stay home! Practice your best #socialdistancing

OK, so if you are stuck home social distancing yourself from other humans, then you may have found a creative outlet.

For me, it was making memes – something I have never done before.

Have you ever made a meme?


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